CBDs have been around for a millenia, always regarded as medically beneficially.  A huge chunk of research and attention for CBD as a treatment is just from the past few years.  Stories of families throwing Hail Mary’s with CBDs to save their child.  Researchers astounded at the results.  Cancer patients turning to cannabis to see their entire chemo treatment turn around.  There are no shortage of people nowadays lining up to share their story about how CBD has changed their lives forever.  Even dogs now too are finding relief from cannabis.  A few, however, truly made history.

Billy Caldwell and his mum.

UK allows MMJ for suffering epileptic child

Last year, for the first time ever, the UK government approved the issuance of marijuana, an illegal substance, as treatment to a terminally ill epileptic 11 year old boy.  The boy would suffer from up to 100 seizures a day for his entire life.  This poor child lived consumed by his painful affliction and his family ached as they watched their son in pain.  Desperate, the family sought treatment in the United States where prescriptions come from Naturopathic doctors (Generally NOT M.D.s).  In an effort to “Keep Billy Alive” his prescription was transfer to his GP in England where he now resides again.  Not without extensive government pushback.  What powers the prescription is the child is only ingesting CBD and non-psychoacticve THCa.  He heals without any type of cannabis high.  Billy is seizure free for over 300 days now.

West Virginia cancer patient testimonial sparks MJ legislation

It’s hard to conceive an existence without access to Medical Marijuana living in the Western Block of pro-cannabis states.  However, what we take for granted is the battle cry for others plagued by the devastations of cancer treatment.  Medical marijuana was not legal in West Virginia 6 years ago, in 2012, the idea of asking a doctor for medical marijuana was radical.  Knowing it is illegal, a man named Russell Williams began taking cannabis after his chemo treatments.  Upon ingestion, Williams claims he would feel alive again, normal.  He could eat and sleep, simply exist as a regular person again.

Mr. Williams completed his treatment with the help of cannabis and now is the poster-child for West Virginia’s doctor supported medical marijuana initiative.  Now, largely in part to Williams’ success story, West Virginia has a doctor lead task force devoted to the successful implementation of medical marijuana in West Virginia.  While Williams attributes cannabis’ ability to reinstill his will to live as the reason he lives today, it is widely known that CBD & THC are effective antiproliferative cancer fighters.

This old dog is learning a new trick.

Hemp Oil gives old dog new “leash” on life.

Cannabis and canines is a hotly debated topic.  Some pet owners are choosing CBD products for their animals.  For example: Cinnamon, a husky (pun intended) elderly Beagle whose owner pained watching as her pet succumb to its arthritis.  Increasingly immobile due to arthritis of the hips, Cinnamon no longer delighted in the joys of being a carefree pup.  Owner Joyce Lattier from Kansas City, Missouri, out of options gives her dog hemp oil to help with the inflammation.  She claims that after just one dose Cinnamon was jumping out of her chair like she was a young pup again. Hemp Oil, and all treats for dogs, are CBD rich, not THC rich as they come from the hemp plant. “Tails” like Cinnamon’s are increasingly common as success stories go viral on the internet.  As a result, there’s now a growing market for cannabis treats for dogs.

Contrary to popular belief about “the munchies” – regular cannabis users are slimmers and healthier thant he general public.

CBD becomes respected anti-diabetes weapon

What began as a skeptical fluke finding about regular cannabis users turned to a major study.  Lower insulin levels, higher good cholesterol levels, better metabolism and slimmer waist lines for cannabis users soon garnered international attention.  How could something known to give someone the munchies, now famous for saving cancer patients’ lives by giving them an appetite again, help someone keep their weight down at a healthy level?  A study in 2013 in the American Medical Journal presented all the above findings, almost with disbelief.  This new evidence lead to further research into CBD rich strains and their ability to control metabolism and insulin levels – all but staving off Type-2 diabetes.  Now, countless diabetic research institutes, foundations, and patients are all singing the praises of CBD and its ability to completely transform the lives of those prone to or already suffering from diabetes.