Payment Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

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Our success is built on making life easier for you

SingleSeed Payments is the leading payment solution provider to the cannabis industry. By providing non-cash payment solutions we make your life easier, your business more effective, and your customers and employees enjoy a safer stress-free environment. We don’t go it alone and we don’t think you should have to either. We want to bring you the very latest technology and we like to work with the best brightest forward thinkers. We look to you for input so we can develop the most effective tools for your businesses.

SingleSeed Payments is a subsidiary of SinglePoint, a publicly traded company. OTC: SING.

Our purpose

SingleSeed Payments exists to educate and inform customers and shopkeepers on key issues in the retail and medicinal cannabis market while helping to legitimize the industry.

Our mission

To help cannabis shopkeepers be the best business owners you can be by providing the tools and support you need to thrive.

How we live our mission everyday:

  • We innovate and constantly improve our technologies
  • We are invested in our customer’s success
  • We are flexible and responsive
  • We stay ahead of industry changes
  • We provide our customers with a unique experience
  • We conduct business ethically and responsibly

Greg Lambrecht

CEO, Founder, President
Greg Lambrecht

As the CEO and founder of SingleSeed Payments, Greg leads the company in its mission to provide mobile payment and marketing solutions. Lambrecht’s role as CEO is to oversee all company operations including investor relations, leadership of the Board of Directors, and daily business activities. Greg currently serves on the Board of Directors of Singlepoint Inc.

Eric Lofdahl

CIO, Vice President

Eric has over 30 years of experience in the technology sector, including positions in software development, program management, and complex system integration. He has led teams that developed cutting edge Mobile Messaging, Satellite Communications, Content Delivery and Anti-Spam technology. Eric’s role is to bring the newest payment and messaging technology to our customers as reliable and easy to use products. Eric serves on the Board of Directors of SinglePoint Inc. and holds a BS degree in electrical engineering from Iowa State University.

Wil Ralston

VP of Sales and Marketing
Wil Headshot

Wil has a successful track record of building and maintaining great relationships with clients. He directs the SingleSeed Payments sales team and oversees the marketing department. Wil graduated from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University with a degree in Global Agribusiness.


GreenStar Payment Solutions has been acquired by SingleSeed Payments.