Baby Boomers and Marijuana

Boomers are doin’ it too.

Millennials get a lot of time, space, and credit on our blog for being fantastic cannabis consumers. But Boomers are “doin it” all over again. Yes, it seems after a hiatus of hypocrisy during which they raised kids and became “adults”, Boomers are toking up again!

Why is this good news for cannabis business owners?

1. A goodly number of them have disposable income. According to Nielsen Boomers spend almost 50% of all CPG2 dollars.1

2. They are getting older and even if their moral compass may steer them away from cannabis products their aches and pains will guide them right back.

3. Until all the Millennials reach adulthood (+/- 7 years) Boomers will be your largest demographic.

So how do you market to this demographic? Who are Baby Boomers and how do you reach them?

After years of rebellion, free-love, war-protests, drugs, and service in Vietnam, Boomers dedicated the better part of the past four decades to perfecting their skills, becoming leaders and CEOs, and enjoying being largest grouping of people at every stage of their development effectively dominating the national landscape. This group has defined American culture for the entirety of their lives.

Generally speaking Boomers are optimistic and team oriented. They place a high value on their work ethic while also seeking personal gratification and growth. They crave public recognition and will sacrifice almost anything to “get ahead.” A large number of Boomers are college educated. They are healthy and physically active, affluent, socially and politically engaged. Boomers see themselves as mentally active, youthful, and capable of working much longer than their predecessors.

Tips, tricks, and ideas of marketing with Baby Boomers and Marijuana

Here are some ideas, keyed to reaching Boomers to get you thinking about marketing to them. But, before doing anything, make sure you know the rules regarding marketing and advertising in your state. We don’t advocate doing any marketing outside the rules and each state has their own regulations.

Cannabis products have evolved since Boomers opted out of smoking. Edibles, vapors, oils, even specific strains are all things they will need to be educated about. Boomers pride themselves on being the smartest ones in the room. Become their educator and guide: their “trusted advisor.”

Every nursing home and retirement community is looking for programming. See if you can get on the schedule to give a presentation on medical marijuana.

Use every opportunity available to showcase your knowledge including: directing Boomers to your website or blog, networking with them on social media sites, highlighting your expertise on LinkedIn, and handing out business cards.

Once they become patients / customers use your customer relations software to track their spending habits and preferences. Use mobile marketing (including text messaging) to provide them with incentives and personalized customer service. You may not be able to publicly recognize them but you can certainly remember who they are and what they like in your direct interactions with them. Treat them right and they will become not only loyal customers but a great source of referrals.


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