Payment Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

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Stand your Ground

Can your business withstand an assault from a competitor or a big-cannabis invasion? Defending your small cannabusiness includes Being a legitimate business owner Building a strong healthy business In order to withstand an attack from a competitor or potential poacher there are some realities you may have to accept, if you haven’t already. You are..

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Small business is personal

Despite the rapid growth of the cannabis industry cannabis shops and dispensaries remain small businesses and small business is personal. As a small business owner you have a unique connection with each customer and it is maintaining and nurturing this connection that keeps your customers coming back even as new dispensaries seem to be popping..

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Loyalty Example

Customer Loyalty Program

Do your customers have more choices than they did a year ago? Do you make it worth their while to frequent your dispensary? It pays to have a customer loyalty program. Until recently a cannabis patient or customer couldn’t just go down the block to another “marijuana store” if they didn’t like the products or..

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Cannabis Dispensary

SingleSeed & Cannabis Dispensaries

The proprietors of legal cannabis dispensaries have one question weighing heavily on their minds: WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THIS CASH?! Credit card companies will not process payments for cannabis and banks are reluctant to accept large cash deposits. Large amounts of cash-on-hand leaves dispensaries and the people working in and visiting them vulnerable..

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Tracking Cannabis Delivery Drivers

Are you like a mother hen clucking with worry every time a driver leaves to make a cannabis delivery? SingleSeed is pleased to be able to offer a 3-month trial of Oomy to any cannabis delivery business that is willing to provide feedback on the service. Oomy is a location based, real-time tracking application that..

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Cash vs Cashless

Cash v. Cashless Payments

Are you thinking about accepting cashless payments but are concerned about the costs? The costs associated with accepting cash vs accepting cards has turned in the last five years as technology has improved and the cashless market has grown driving down the price of cashless ATM transactions. But there are other costs that businesses often..

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Gossiping Birds

Cannabis Business: Connect with Millennials

The cannabis business is a very competitive but also “high-touch” business. Your customers want to have a relationship with you. They want to be understood. They want you to communicate with them. One very effective strategy for keeping in contact with your customers is text messaging. These messages can range from personal, “Hope the gummies..

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Cashless ATM Cannabis Payments

Cashless ATM acceptance

Weighing the pros and cons of acceptance, the Cashless ATM is still a good investment for small businesses. In an industry accustomed to operating on an all-cash basis. In an industry that can be subject to the whims of the federal government. In an industry in which it is not yet legal to accept credit..

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