Are you like a mother hen clucking with worry every time a driver leaves to make a cannabis delivery?

SingleSeed is pleased to be able to offer a 3-month trial of Oomy to any cannabis delivery business that is willing to provide feedback on the service. Oomy is a location based, real-time tracking application that enables businesses to track, communicate, and streamline delivery operations including fleet management, commodity delivery and much more. Location and mapping technologies are powered by Glympse, the leader in location sharing technology.

SingleSeed’s parent company SinglePoint is launching Oomy in a strategic Beta with plans to build-out custom tools for each intended vertical in an effort to “uberize” the service industries.

We believe Oomy’s tracking capability will help keep cannabis delivery drivers safe as well as economize travel times. Oomy provides peace of mind to your customers as well because when they are notified the delivery is on its way, they can opt to track the driver as well. Your customer can also request a photo of the driver so they can be sure they are opening the door to a friend.

Oomy differentiates itself by complimenting established cannabis delivery services and helping them improve efficiency and increase communication. In addition to vehicle tracking, Oomy allows merchants to engage customers in a number of ways, including the ability to send messages which notify customer when to expect their delivery and follow-up messages to ensure the customer was satisfied with the service.

SinglePoint CEO Greg Lambrecht states, “We are very excited to be providing these services. It is solving the annoying question of ‘When will my delivery or service person be here?’ Everyone has experienced being told their delivery will arrive between eight and one. We want to narrow that gap. With Oomy, delivery and at-home services are able to let their customers know exactly when to open their front door.”

For more information and to inquire about participating in the beta program please email or visit and fill out the sign up form.