The proprietors of legal cannabis dispensaries have one question weighing heavily on their minds:


Credit card companies will not process payments for cannabis and banks are reluctant to accept large cash deposits. Large amounts of cash-on-hand leaves dispensaries and the people working in and visiting them vulnerable to crime. Operating with all cash makes it difficult to pay employees, taxes, and bills.

So what do you do?

SingleSeed provides legal cannabis dispensaries with the Cashless ATM: a solution that works. Customers and patients swipe their ATM/debit card at the point of sale and their payment is transferred from their bank account to yours.

Why SingleSeed?

SingleSeed has relationships that allow us to customize solutions for cannabis dispensaries. Our involved presence in Colorado, Arizona, and Washington means we are aware of and acclimatized to the evolving needs of legal cannabis entities. We abide by the National Cannabis Industry Association Pledge and Code of Conduct in word, action, and spirit. We want to work with you long-term. We want you to have the best systems in place: systems that address your individual wants and needs. As more options become available and as technology is developed we will keep you informed, be in discussion with you, listen to you, and provide you with the best products and services available.