Revolutionary, diabolical, ingenious.

Whatever word you choose to describe the extraordinary inventiveness that is accompanying the growth of the cannabis industry these four companies manifest it. As new companies and products are developed every day, what we find particularly interesting about the following companies is that they have taken existing products and services and adapted them for the cannabis industry and their adaptations seem to be working.

Employee-owned Magical Butter entered the cannabis industry with a machine that anyone can use to make herbal butters, oils, and tinctures. Simply place your herbs and butter in the machine, punch a button and in a few hours you have garlic-basil butter. Some oil and lavender magically transforms into lavender oil. If you can put a sprig of rosemary and some grain alcohol in the container and in a few hours have a rosemary tincture why not do it with marijuana? They did and the market has responded so well that one could be forgiven for thinking that marijuana is all this machine was ever used for.

In addition to their product (which is constantly selling out) which brought them to the market as sellers, they have very quickly become an involved supportive member of the cannabis industry. Magical Butter hosts industry events and meetings at their very cool digs in the industrial area of Seattle. Their level of sponsorship and involvement in the community is something for other cannabis businesses to aspire to and that makes them a company to watch.

Magical Butter Bus


Photo Credit: SingleSeed, Cannacon 2014


Where Magical Butter has the home-extractionist supplied, Eden Labs designs and manufactures industrial scale botanical extraction equipment. Eden Labs has spent almost two decades developing, building, and refining Coldfinger™, Supercritical CO2, Compressed Gas, Distillation, and Cold Percolation methods and extractors; their singular goal being to extract solid materials in the purest form possible. Eden Labs’ unwavering dedication to innovation, their commitment to being “a company of exceptional good will, loyalty, and excellence” and living these commitments through support of the cannabis industry, notably MJBA meet-ups and their sponsorship of MJBA Women’s Alliance programming, makes them a company to watch.

Eden Labs Staff Photo

Photo Credit: Eden Labs,



Funk Sac Logo

While Eden Labs is quietly marketing to and supporting the cannabis industry, FunkSac is boldly and loudly embracing the discovery that their product is perfect for storing and transporting marijuana. Anyone who has both marijuana edibles and children in the house will appreciate that FunkSac manufactures and sells a storage bag with a child-resistant lock. Delivery services will appreciate their packaging that seals in odors and is made with FDA approved materials. Shopkeeeprs will appreciate being able to vacuum or heat seal packaging which will not only keep odor but freshness in. Originally conceived for anything smelly, e.g. fish, herbs, cigars, FunkSac is aggressively and enthusiastically marketing to the cannabis industry and that makes them a company to watch.


Award-winning graphic designer Chris Parks never imagined he would be re-branding a retail marijuana establishment. Competition among medical marijuana providers and the introduction of retail shops means dispensary owners and shopkeepers are looking for ways to distinguish themselves in the market, establish brand awareness, and increase customer loyalty. Restrictions on advertising makes customer experience critical. Logos, package labeling, signage, and website graphics all help create a memorable impact for customers and this is where quality graphic design comes in. A highly successful graphic designer but completely new to the cannabis industry makes Chris Parks Design a company to watch.Chris Parks Design Company