August 20, 2014

Whats happening in cannabis news around the world.


Cannabis News: Australia In Tasmania the fight over growing cannabis for medical trials continues. The Government clams they have rejected the trial on safety grounds but proponents of the scheme claim it is politics at play while others argue that the Poppy industry is behind the denial. (Yahoo7 News)

Cannabis News: Bernie In the small town Bernie, Missouri mother Brandy Johnson celebrated the recently passed law, which permits the use of cannabis oil to treat epilepsy. Born with Diprosopus, an extraordinarily rare condition commonly known as cranial duplication, Johnson’s son suffers more than 100 seizures a day. However, the long wait for regulations to be enacted and the possibility that doctors won’t prescribe the oil concerns Johnson who continues to push for changes to the federal law, which would allow research studies to be conducted. (Southeast Missourian)

Cannabis News: Carson City Nevada’s numbers are coming in and so far more than medical marijuana business license applications have been submitted. The application period for these new businesses ran August 5-18. Nevada’s Division of Public and Behavioral Health, now has 90 days to review, rank and score the applications, based strictly and objectively on merit. In early November, 2014, the results will be announced, and those applicants who are eligible for provisional certification will then work with the local jurisdictions for additional permits and licenses. Beginning early 2015 the licensees will begin opening their businesses to medical marijuana patients. (Las Vegas Sun)

Cannabis News: Denver September 26 marks the start of a three-day “Tech Startup Weekend” pitched as a coding weekend the organizers describe it thus: On Friday evening, attendees will have two minutes to pitch their marijuana tech startup or concept to the judges and audience. The judges will select the top 5 pitches to be developed over the weekend. Developers can then join any one of the top 5 startups and work to generate traction during the event. On Sunday evening, each startup will have 10 minutes to pitch their progress and traction to the judges. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 companies. (Eventbrite) (see also denverstartupweek.org)

Cannabis News: Europe Amid sometimes murky and definitely varied legislation (each country is different) that has decriminalized the growing and possession of small amounts of cannabis social clubs” are popping up all over. Customers purchase and consume the cannabis products at the sites which range from a liking to someone’s basement to upscale clubs with food and beverage service. (NPR)

Cannabis News: Ferguson The medical examiner’s report that Michael Brown, shot and killed by a police officer on August 9th, had marijuana in his system should come as no surprise reports the Huffington Post which argues that the presence of MJ in the 18 year-old’s system is not conclusive proof that he was intoxicated or impaired at the time of the shooting. (The Huffington Post)

Cannabis News: Georgia Corey Lowe, whose daughter suffers from seizures has returned from Colorado where she says medical marijuana treatments have decreased her daughter’s seizures by 80 percent. Corey left her husband and two sons in Georgia to travel for the treatment. The family is happy to be reunited. Lowe plans to testify at a special hearing on medical cannabis on Aug. 27 at Georgia’s Capitol. (CBS46)

Cannabis News: Houston In three months voters in Houston, Texas will choose a new district attorney and the way marijuana prosecutions are handled will change. Candidate Devon Anderson says under her leadership Suspected users will be detained and processed to see if they are eligible for diversion program. Successful completion of community service and classes mean no conviction. Kim Ogg will have officers issue citations but not detain those in possession of less than 4 ounces of marijuana. “If they complete two days of picking up litter or other community service, there will not be a conviction, even for repeat offenders.” (Houston Chronicle)

Cannabis News: Indianapolis First responders are receiving a memo reminding them that testing positive for marijuana carries penalties and these penalties will be firmly enforced. (WTHR)

Cannabis News: Juneau The campaigning on both sides has intensified as the election approaches. On November Alaska voters will vote on Ballot Measure 2 if approved the measure will allow people age 21 and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and up to six plants. (Juneau Empire)

Cannabis News: Kansas City Dwayne Bowe of the Kansas City Chiefs was pulled over for speeding last November. He was arrested after police found what was thought to be marijuana in his vehicle. Though the marijuana charge was dismissed the wide receiver has been suspended for the season’s opening game for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy. (Associated Press)

Cannabis News: Los Angeles Manchester England’s Paul Ryder, a founding member of the band Happy Mondays credits medical marijuana as a tool in fighting his son Chico’s battle with cancer. He believes the cannabis oil given to his son under doctor’s supervision not only helped relieve the nausea and vomiting associated with chemo but also believes the oil may be “fighting the caner itself.” (Daily Mail)

Cannabis News: Maine “Advocates for Maine’s medical marijuana caregiver industry said Tuesday they oppose a trio of ballot questions going before voters this fall in Lewiston, South Portland and York, seeking to make recreational marijuana use legal for adults under city ordinance.” (Bangor Daily News)

Cannabis News: New Mexico “The city of Santa Fe’s City Clerk announced Monday that the “Reducing Marijuana Penalties Campaign” has submitted enough valid signatures to qualify for the city’s citizen initiative process setting the stage to give voters in Santa Fe a vote on reducing marijuana penalties.” (Drug Policy Alliance on the Daily Chronic)

Cannabis News: Oregon The Portland Oregonian reports that $2.3 million in television ad time has been purchased for pro-marijuana legalization ads to run between September 22 and November 4. One ad features the retired director of the Addictions and Mental Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority in which he says, “We have to remember that Marijuana is a benign drug that doesn’t have the usual dependency features of heroin or alcohol abuse.” He goes on to say that legalizing marijuana will take it out of the hands of criminals and will provide funding for treatment and education. (The Portland Oregonian)

Cannabis News: Portland Speakers from Canada and Uruguay will join cannabusiness entrepreneurs Steve DeAngelo and Ed Rosenthal along with Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Sebastopol, California, Mayor Robert Jacobs at the September 13 and 14 International Cannabis Business Conference. (The Weed Blog and internationalcbc.com)

Cannabis News: Quito Speaking at the V Regional Forum Esquipulas in Guatemala Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa asked leaders to consider the legalization of some drugs “noting that ‘we should be more flexible’ and consider ‘to partially legalize’ the consumption of some drugs, as an option to reduce the problem. He also stressed the need to prioritize the benefit of humans rather than to capital, and thereby be able to reduce poverty.” (Ecuador Times)

Cannabis News: Rhode Island Medical marijuana patients will need to learn new rules in Rhode Island, which reduce the amount of medical marijuana “grown in coops in non-residential settings to 10 ounces, 48 mature plants, and 24 seedlings.” Other changes affect caregivers and cooperative residential settings. (Providence Journal)

Cannabis News: Sydney Another couple whose child suffers from seizures is petitioning state parliament to legalize medical marijuana in hopes of relieving their daughter’s symptoms. The family learned about the CBD strain known as Charlotte’s Web, that has helped American Charlotte Figi who suffers from the same type of epilepsy: Dravet syndrome. The issue is expected to be debated in September. (The Daily Telegraph)

Cannabis News: Tennessee The family of 7-month-old Josie Mathes say they are planning to move from East Tennessee to Colorado in October. Josie suffers from infantile spasms, and the Mathes family believes cannabis oil will help with her repeated seizures. (WBIR-Mohawk)

Cannabis News: University of Massachusetts As Greenfield Community College wrestles with developing a policy about student use of medical marijuana UMass has a very strict policy against any marijuana use and will turn students over to law enforcement who are suspected of using or possessing marijuana. Enforcing this policy is based on the belief that the school’s federal financial aid will be jeopardized if they allow students with medical marijuana cards to use that marijuana. (The Recorder)

Cannabis News: Vancouver Canadian company Cannabis Technologies is in the process of developing a drug for pain and arthritis using cannabinoid and non-cannabinoid active ingredients. This news comes months after it’s announcement that they have developed a glaucoma medication. This quick turnaround in development is a goal of the company, which promises “steady stream of biomed IP therapies that are fast tracked in their discovery and development.” (Stockhouse.com)

Cannabis News: WASHINGTON DC In our recommended read of the week Christopher Ingraham details the number of marijuana arrests since 1991. Though the numbers have decreased slightly in the past two years the numbers are alarmingly high and the money spent to effect these arrests: a staggering $3.6 billion. (The Washington Post)

Cannabis News: Xinhua China’s official state news agency announced that in the first five months of 2014 39,762 people were sentenced for drug- related offenses in the People’s Republic of these, 9168 “were sentenced to more than five years, life imprisonment, or death.” On the other hand “Chinese firms have filed 309 of the 606 global patents relating to cannabis.” (High Times)

Cannabis News: Yakima The first I-502 certified marijuana testing lab, Analytical 360 has opened in Yakima Washington. The company will provide scientific and safety testing services for Recreational Marijuana Producers and Processors. (KIMATV)

Cannabis News: Zurich “Adults may be legally able to seek out clubs in certain Swiss cities to buy state-certified cannabis, free of chemicals, for personal use under a pilot project being drafted. Lawmakers from at least five municipal governments are looking at participating in an experiment to regularize the use of marijuana.” (The Local)