A week in review:

Cannacon & Seattle Hempfest Weekend August 14, 2014

This past weekend possibly the largest gathering in cannabis industry descended upon Washington. Two events, one weekend, zero cannabis related arrests.

Hempfest '14

2014 Seattle Hempfest at Myrtle Edwards Park on the Seattle waterfront

Potraprenuers from around the nation gathered at Cannacon from Thursday, August 14 through Sunday, August 17, representing every business you could think of. Businesses ranged from seed sellers to media and branding companies to ex-military members providing money-transferring services. Even the former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson had a booth.  The business-to-business expo was a great event for everyone to learn, network, and get comfortable within the industry. CannaCon solidified the perception that there is a lot of great business to be done in the cannabis industry. Everyone was interested in what one another was doing. Even competitors offered each other a helping hand. The industry is so new the focus is not on individual success but success as a whole. It is very altruistic.

Cannacon '14

Many businesses exhibiting at Canncon ’14

I also attended the 23rd annual HempFest: the consumer facing side of the industry. Booths spanned for miles along the Seattle waterfront selling art, glass blown artwork, t-shirts and of course loads of food truck vendors. New to HempFest this year was the addition of 21 and over smoking lounges. These lounges were out of public site and helped achieve HempFests’ theme, “Time, Place, and Manner”. Although marijuana is legal in Washington there are still laws regarding consumption. In these lounges and other areas of the festival educational seminars took place. These lounges are a pilot for creating legal marijuana areas in public events across Washington.

Cannacon '14 Chris Mills on Banking

Chris Mills Speaking on Banking to New i502 businesses at Cannacon ’14 at the Tacoma Dome

Both events lead to a very successful weekend of business, education, and fun for everyone. We look forward to attending both events again next year and helping shape the future of the marijuana industry in Washington and eventually the entire nation.

-Wil Ralston, Singleseed Inc.