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Cannabis Argument for House of Representatives

The Cannabis Argument

In our last post, we mentioned the Congressional Cannabis Caucus (CCC). To better understand the significance of this group to the marijuana industry, we’ll explain its mission and the various cannabis arguments being presented. The objective is to change federal laws to decriminalize and enable cannabusinesses to financially transact business and operate legally on all..

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Washington State Eyes Pot For School Budget Gap

Legislators are looking to collect more than $730 million in marijuana tax revenue over the next two budget years. That’s not enough to cover the additional $74 million needed to address the state’s school funding deficit. However, clarification from the federal government could open the cannabis banking floodgates and relieve the funding gap. Lawmakers, along..

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Federal extension through April

Our government has officially been funded through April 2017. Our US Senate passed legislation on the very day that current funding was to expire, just in time to save many government services from closing at midnight. President Barack Obama promptly signed it into law, with the White House’s statement quickly following. Why do we care?..

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California seeks banking resolution

We are pleased Americans passed eight of the nine marijuana items that were on last month’s ballots. Approval may seem like an accomplishment, but it really only produces a single step in the journey of legalization. With each state having a unique plan, larger states can have an advantage through population and funds. As exemplified..

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None of this matters….

Thinking about Branding… Cannabis is a commodity. You have to differentiate.  → differentiate your external presentation → differentiate your customer service → differentiate your product  differentiate: make something appear different or distinct These elements (your presentation, your customer service, your product) contribute to your brand. It is important to have a cohesive brand. If you..

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Your mother

Your mother was right (about customer service)

How do you differentiate your business from your competitors? Great customer service.   “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” In 2013, consumers told 8 people about their good experiences, and told 21 people about their bad experiences. More important than a sale or promotion is a good word..

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Woman with arms crossed

Stand your Ground

Can your business withstand an assault from a competitor or a big-cannabis invasion? Defending your small cannabusiness includes Being a legitimate business owner Building a strong healthy business In order to withstand an attack from a competitor or potential poacher there are some realities you may have to accept, if you haven’t already. You are..

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