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2018 – New Year New Era: CA Emergency Regulations

Ready or not California, the world’s sixth largest economy, is going to the green side on January 1, 2018.  Despite this measure being passed in November of 2016, state officials are scrambling to make sure everything runs smoothly during the first 120 days during the initial transition.   The California Department of Public Health’s Manufactured..

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SingleSeed Dispensary Checklists

Beyond the Cannabis Wild West

Retail Requirements for Cannabis in Washington, Colorado, California, Alaska, and Oregon As the Wild West experiences its second gold rush, fondly referred to as the “Green Rush,” everyone is trying to get a piece of the action. For those resilient, and deep-pocketed souls who commit to doing commerce in the cannabis space, the task is..

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The Future of Dispensaries

Vapes – In all sizes and shapes What used to be a periphery tool, expensive and uninteresting, has since breached the mainstream. Savvy dispensaries stock a wide array of choices when it comes to vaporizers. The available spectrum for any dispensary hoping to survive the storm should include: disposable “take and toss” models for new users looking..

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5 Pillars of Customer Loyalty for Dispensaries

Unless you are the  Department of Motor Vehicles, odds are your customers (or potential customers) have a choice as to where they take their business. That said, even the DMV has competition nowadays depending on where you live (cough cough, Arizona…).  It is absolutely pertinent that anyone seeking to throw their hat into the customer service ring, regardless of..

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Recreational Cannabis Market Trends

The numbers are in and the evidence is irrefutable: taxation and regulation of recreational cannabis equal healthy gains for state funds. These numbers are borderline unbelievable – below is a snapshot by state: Alaska Since the inception of recreational cannabis in October of 2016 Alaska has welcomed over $3 Million dollars in tax revenue. Figures are expected..

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September Cannabis Legalization Updates

September 2017 proved to be another whirlwind month in the move towards prohibition’s repeal. Almost 25% of the country either passed or shot down legislation, made progress or engaged in the democratic process with regards to cannabis usage, distribution, employment, and every tangential aspect thereof. Meanwhile, at our nation’s capital, we are watching as our elected representatives are..

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Vape Sales on the Rise

Gone are the days when a lonely Potstar could sit in quiet comfort, gazing listlessly upon a sea of white cotton amidst the forever blue sky, vaporizing her selected cannabis oils on a Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX. This time is referred to as “The good ol’ days.” A time that..

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Millennials, Cannabis, and State GDP Growth Surges

Recent years have delivered an unmatched wave of momentum in the ongoing state-by-state repeal of cannabis prohibition and as such, consumer markets are experiencing the ripple effect. Steady GDP growth in states with some form of legalized cannabis usage signifies localized economic health in keeping with the everchanging policies that govern the markets. Specific product..

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