Payment Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

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The Future of Dispensaries

Vapes – In all sizes and shapes What used to be a periphery tool, expensive and uninteresting, has since breached the mainstream. Savvy dispensaries stock a wide array of choices when it comes to vaporizers. The available spectrum for any dispensary hoping to survive the storm should include: disposable “take and toss” models for new users looking..

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Cash vs Cashless

Cash v. Cashless Payments

Are you thinking about accepting cashless payments but are concerned about the costs? The costs associated with accepting cash vs accepting cards has turned in the last five years as technology has improved and the cashless market has grown driving down the price of cashless ATM transactions. But there are other costs that businesses often..

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Cashless ATM Cannabis Payments

Cashless ATM acceptance

Weighing the pros and cons of acceptance, the Cashless ATM is still a good investment for small businesses. In an industry accustomed to operating on an all-cash basis. In an industry that can be subject to the whims of the federal government. In an industry in which it is not yet legal to accept credit..

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Cannabis Delivery Services in WA

Cannabis Delivery Services in Washington State

The Take Away from Cannabis Delivery Services in Washington: Clear as Mud The other day I received a phone call from someone befuddled about the legality of cannabis delivery in the recreational market in Washington state. “What is going on? I didn’t think you could do delivery but there are delivery services popping up all..

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The Guidance, Banking in the Cannabis Industry

What’s new on The Guidance?

The Guidance: House Rejects Effort to Block The Guidance for Banking Regulation Wednesday, July 16, 2014. This date marks what has been the largest win in an effort to legalize Cannabis nationwide. The House voted, 236–186, rejecting a move by Representative John Fleming (R-La.), which proposed to block the government from continuing to provide guidance to banks dealing..

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Mobile Marketing to Millennials to gain their attention

Millennials and how businesses are marketing to them.

With Millennials, Mobile Phones Come First That means mobile marketing is the way to reach the cannabis customer Millennials’ mobile devices are number one in their lives. A recent study by Zipcar revealed that nearly 40 percent of Millennials believe losing their phone would have a bigger impact on their lives than losing their car. It is..

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