Payment Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

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Blockchain and the Bigger Picture

No doubt about it: It is Bitcoin, not the bird, that is the word for 2017.  Investors, analysts, brokers and bloggers alike are testing the waters and getting their cyber-feet wet.  However, look past the glitz and glimmer of Bitcoin and see the reason for the season’s runaway success – the blockchain technology it rides..

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The ABCs: Altcoins, Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency

The name exudes mystery: Cryptocurrency.  Presently, even the lay are being inundated with talk of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies as global markets explode.  Recent headlines compare Bitcoin to gold as an attractive, non-stock asset for portfolio diversification. Speculation as to whether or not Bitcoin is a bubble, or just the beginning of a potential trillion dollar..

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November Legal Round Up

November Legal Round Up   November welcomed another wave of change for the cannabis industry – both nationally and internationally.  Multiple ballot measures, plus a couple of gubernatorial candidates’ successes are canaries in the coal mine for cannabis prohibition repeal. From the first baby steps of public hearings to emergency initiatives for recreational measures slated..

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Vape Sales on the Rise

Gone are the days when a lonely Potstar could sit in quiet comfort, gazing listlessly upon a sea of white cotton amidst the forever blue sky, vaporizing her selected cannabis oils on a Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX. This time is referred to as “The good ol’ days.” A time that..

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Paying via cashless payment

Cashless Payment Options Increase Sales

Remove the limitation of your customer only having “X” number of dollars in their wallet. With cashless payment options customers can add that cookie or gummy or new strain to their purchase. Giving your customers the option of paying with plastic reduces the costs and risks of dealing in cash and increases per-transaction sales revenues…

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2014 Elections

A number of states are voting on Marijuana regulation in the upcoming elections. November 4, 2014 Alaska. Voters will decide whether the state will legalize (tax, regulate production, sale and use of) marijuana. If the ballot measure passes persons over 21 will be allowed to possess, use, show, buy, transport, or grow set amounts of..

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Cannabis news around the word

What in the World: Marijuana News

WHAT IN THE WORLD. October 20, 2014   Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia should legalize marijuana according to the Editorial Board of the New York Times which writes, “It’s time to bring the marijuana market out into the open and end the injustice of arrests and convictions that have devastated communities.”   Brazil…

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