A common question that springs up for curious would be users of CBD oil is: are there side effects?  Many enter the space with much trepidation as the major side effect from CBD’s super famous sister THC are noticable. The most famous THC side effect being a psychoactive sensation leaving a feeling of euphoria – commonly called a “high.”  CBD may be similar to THC in structure, but it interacts with our brains’ endocannabinoid system differently.  As a result, the feared high is absent.  The effects are purely therapeutic.  Some individuals, however, do experience some side effects – though they are a minority.

CBD Side Effects

In clinical trials, there have been a few reported side effects from those seeking treatments using CBDs.  The majority of those reporting side effects reported either dry mouth, low blood pressure, dizziness or lightheadedness.  That latter three undoubtedly correlated.  In other clinical tests, some users reported a feeling of tiredness, changes in weight or eating patterns, or increased heart heart.  As with any new treatment, be it prescription drug or herbal remedy, introduction to the treatment must be well researched.  One must note how their particular body responds to a new drug or supplement before immediately returning to a normal routine.



When adopting a CBD wellness regime, it is important to keep a few things in mind.  What is the purpose of the treatment?  What spectrum of relief is sought?  Is there physical pain?  If so, to what degree?  These are important questions and are ones for a doctor.  Do research consult your care provider before starting a new routine, as pre-existing conditions or medications may have synergistic effects in the presence of CBD like that of THC.  Start with lower dosage CBD supplements. Wait before immediately ingesting more, as onset generally takes about 30-90 minutes depending on how  the supplement.  Everyone is different.  A 110 lb. 30 year old woman seeking to treat generalized anxiety with CBD will need a much different dose than a 185 lb. 65 year old man seeking to treat arthritis inflammation.  Nonetheless, regardless of the relief needed, no one will feel any psychoactive side effects.

While some do indeed report side effects of CBD ingestion, it is the minority.  Most users experience the relief they seek with CBD with no side effects at all.  This is in keeping many drugs one can purchase at the pharmacy.