Although recent years have been paramount for the cannabis industry, this business is no spring chicken.  Due to the clandestine nature of the industry, innovation was slow on the incline.  For years, locations and options are minimal.  Mostly just dried flowers and a few edibles and alcohol based-tinctures, all with strong, overly herbal tastes.  Now, the variety is stunning.  The technology fueling these new creations is equally impressive.  Businesses wait years for patents on new super-extractors that boasts a few more grams of concentrate per run.  With each wave of technology comes another wave of consumables making good use; with edibles now pushing 2,000 mg of THC.  Now patrons can run the gamut from sweets to beer to lotions and, basically magic, potions.  Not ethereal enough?  How about a high-minded 5 star dinner experience?  Because that exists now too.

Pot-Nachos infused with kief use innovation in both packaging and infusion.

Fine Herbs as Spices

Edibles are ancient.  Nowadays, it’s not just the infamous pot brownie anymore, the rise in savory selections in the traditional marijuana baked goods has been heart (and hearth) warming.  Classic go-tos like party-mix and pretzels have been on the market for some time, but new extraction technology means the potency can be packed on now.  Single servings can top 200mg.  Delightly impressive are the unexpected, almost whimsical innovations.  Pot-Nachos, pizza sauce and even jerky line dispensary shelves begging to be tried.  These savory infusions are perfect hybrids of innovation and application with little cannabis taste but potency to the tune of 500mg or more.  Even the packaging is a perfect single serving.  While proper packaging requires extensive labeling in line with state laws, some are truly going above and beyond to create memorable customer experiences.  Just be careful not to overconsume.

Prepared Bhang ready for drinking.

Drink it in

Ironically, consumers can wash down weed treats and combat cottonmouth with cannabis infused beverages.  Drinkables technically predate edibles as we know them.  Their absorption time is more in line with smoking, making it an ideal form of consumption.  Teas and ancient elixirs once used in surgery are still available today.  In fact; modern day drinkables came as Bhang (powered cannabis leaves and flowers).  Less ceremoniously, many early drinkables came as kief infused in hand-labeled lemonades.   Now the selections are fit for a 7-11: a rainbow flavors and colors.  All boast their impressive THC content; some also angle to energize and uplift.  Similar to edibles, the drinkables also take advantage technology and relatively reasonable specialty packaging. “K-Cup” style coffee servings, elegant tea-bags, and energy shots all stand out.  Even wine that, rather counterintuitively, claims to cure hangovers.  This claim comes with an extremely limited availability and a hefty price tag.

Menu for a cannabis infused dinner party.

Serve it up

Beyond one stop shopping, cannabis consumers now have the option of having gourmet meals prepared and paired with fine cannabis products.  Some operations attain higher status than others, TV shows and fashion magazines paint glamorous pictures of a new, sexy party scene.  There are more options nowadays besides just weed butter and olive oil thanks to clean burning concentrates. Infusing to the exact proper dosage is now an artful science.  The cannabis strain’s terpenes, or flavor profile, are taken into account when putting together menu items.  Cannabis truly becomes an herb.  Often, each plate is paired with a specific strain to smoke or vaporize mid-meal.  The experience is totally luxurious, immersive, and of course, fun.  Even if throwing a lavish, multi-course weed feast is not on the docket for the next get-together, why not try putting out a sly, sativa infused salsa and see what happens.