Could the cannabis industry narrow the employment gap?

Employment in the Cannabis Industry

August 25, 2014

There is a “green rush” happening. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals are emerging from every industry to cash in on cannabis. Many are equating the continued legalization of cannabis to increased dollar signs. Predictions of increased job and entrepreneurial opportunities with the legalization of cannabis are coming true as we’ve seen in Denver, CO and Seattle, WA. It is truly exciting to be a part of the industry and see an increase in employment in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis and Tech

Technology in cannabis is a hot topic as the industry is quickly shifting from running black market operations to leading legitimate businesses. Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Denver are leading the way in technology dedicated to the cannabis industry. From state required seed-to-sale data tracking software, to state of the art technology for extracting the plant compounds. Increased technology dedicated to the cannabis industry will help to make make cannabis less taboo in our culture. The amount of tech companies and startups that are flocking to the cannabis industry is exciting as new technologies, consumer products, and ways to regulate businesses expand and develop.


Cannabis and Science

States have testing requirements. For example Washington state requires quality assurance testing by independent laboratories and there is only one such lab certified so far. Further, research to develop strains and products will continue to be important as consumers become more knowledgeable. Finally, the most difficult but vitally important is to continue and increase the research into the medicinal values of marijuana.


Cannabis and Non-profit

Being that cannabis is a Schedule I controlled substance at the Federal Level, finding funding for research is challenging. The industry needs creative driven fundraisers and professional grant writers to find, apply for, secure, and manage funding for research.


Cannabis and Financing

If you can help cannabusinesses get investments, loans, and financing for their operations, light from the heavens may just shine down upon you. This is one area that needs incredibly intelligent people who understand the cannabis laws and know the world of finance and can figure out ways to bring the two together.


Cannabis and Advertising/Graphics

Every product must have a label and the labels must meet certain criteria as required by law. Shopkeepers will also want these labels to be appealing and memorable to the people who purchase the products. Graphic designers who can offer these services as well as signage and other marketing materials that comply with the applicable laws and  regulations will be invaluable to the industry.


Cannabis and Law

There are plenty of attorneys to get you out of jail if you are arrested on a marijuana violation. What the industry needs are more business attorneys from setting up LLCs to helping business owners understand the laws and the rules to responding to letters from various persons, entities, regulatory boards and agencies (you’ll hear from everyone but the one meant to regulate you) lawyers can help cannabusiness owners stay in business and protect their interests.


Bookkeepers, Accountants, CPAs

All you have to do is quickly scan the regulations to know QuickBooks isn’t going to cut it. This is a very specialized industry. The rules are different. Bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs who specialize in this area can count on an increase in business.


Do you offer business services to the cannabis industry? Do you know of an area lacking representation that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know! We love hearing from you and we support employment in the cannabis industry!