Our government has officially been funded through April 2017. Our US Senate passed legislation on the very day that current funding was to expire, just in time to save many government services from closing at midnight. President Barack Obama promptly signed it into law, with the White House’s statement quickly following.

Why do we care? Among the renewals was the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, which states that the Department of Justice is not allowed to use federal funds to block the implementation of state laws which permit marijuana cultivation, distribution, possession, or use. Specifically, it lists the District of Columbia and the states which have passed some sort of marijuana legalization laws.

Generically, we’re pleased it passed. Why aren’t we happier? Because this law will still allow the federal agents to target marijuana businesses who are not in compliance with state laws. We don’t want cannabusinesses out of compliance with state laws, but the individual states should be responsible for the enforcement of their laws without federal government interference.   

Instead, we’ll focus on the silver lining that lawful medical marijuana patients and entities will not have to worry about the discrepancies with federal law for several months. We need to make sure the amendment is renewed by congress. US Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-California), expects that it will not only be renewed but expanded to protect state laws for recreational, as well as medicinal.