Yes!  Hard to believe as news of federal cannabis prohibition and states’ individual initiatives to repeal and regulate cannabis products are everywhere.  More confusing; hemp and marijuana look almost identical for much of their lifespan.  While THC rich budding female cannabis sativa plant are still illegal in the eyes of the federal government CBD, as a hemp derivative, is legal.  The leaves in particular are extremely rich in CBDs which improve your health but don’t get you high.  It’s only the high, apparently, the government still cares to contain anymore.

A farmer with his hemp pre-prohibition in 1937.

Lengthy Legislation

Today, 46 out of 50 states plus DC allow for sales and distribution of CBD products. 18 states have CDB specific legislation, 15 of which have CBD only while THC remains illegal.  Much thanks to modern medicine’s research supporting the multitude of treatments CBD administration provides.  However, for 77 years cultivation of hemp is illegal in America.  “Reefer Madness” of the 1930s restricts hemp cultivation with its psychoactive sister “marihuana.”  A tragic lumping of two very different plants, one that discounts hemp’s place in our history as a nation.

British navy relied on the colonists to grow the hemp that was used for the sails of their ships.

American hemp predates our independence.  For years in colonial times, colonists are literally mandated by the law to grow hemp.  They would even face steep fines for refusing to grow on their property.  England relied on the colonists’ grown hemp fibers to weaves the sails and ropes for their ships, among other things.  Shockingly, during WWII hemp is back in American via the “Hemp for Victory” since imports from Manila are temporarily shut down.  A move that proves the value of hemp and the detriment of its prohibitory status.  As soon as the war ends, hemp is back on the blacklist for another 60 years. It is not until 2014 when, driven by research, President Obama finally repeals all growing restrictions on hemp in America.

President Obama made history by once again allowing farmers to grow the profitable hemp crop.

History of Extracts

Ancient texts from all over the world show how common the application of hemp derivatives is throughout the ages.  Initially made “famous” by Shennong – emperor of China around 2700 BCE.   Reports in the ancient text “The Herbal” have Shen drinking tea from hemp seeds for pain relief.  Similarly, reports of him using the oil as a topical extract come as well.  Recognizing the difference between the male and female plants is as ancient as the cultivation itself, with Yin and Yang properties assigned to the marijuana (yin) and hemp (yang).  However, it is not until recent times that research starts to drive attention specifically to the CBD molecule.

Cannabis in “The Herbal”

Research began as British research firm GW pharmaceuticals, per the recommendation of Geoffrey Guy, M.D. sought to cultivate and concentrate cannabis specifically to be therapeutic – not-psychoactive.  This led to overwhelming attention being placed on CBD as clinical trials are underway.  Since their first foray, GW Pharma is now in talks with the FDA for their plant derived epilespy treatment Epidolex.  Now the supply and demand for the multi-purpose therapeutic and healing effects of CBD administration can finally support each other the way our forefathers wanted them to.  A new $400million dollar annual market, projected to grow to $1Billion by 2020 all thanks to CBD’s healing effects.