Do your customers have more choices than they did a year ago? Do you make it worth their while to frequent your dispensary? It pays to have a customer loyalty program.

Until recently a cannabis patient or customer couldn’t just go down the block to another “marijuana store” if they didn’t like the products or service. With the legal cannabis business poised to grow to $8.9 billion by 2016 (Entrepreneur Magazine) and state after state legalizing recreational use maintaining customer loyalty is key to maximizing profits.

Retailers are learning mobile programs are quickly outpacing other forms of marketing. Retailers are learning that these programs engage their customers, build loyalty, increase brand awareness, and help drive sales. The sooner legal cannabis dispensaries begin mobile loyalty programs the sooner they and their customers will reap the rewards.

Mobile marketing programs are easy to implement and are very economical. With SingleSeed’s software you can be up and running literally moments after loading your customers mobile numbers into the database. Announcing your mobile program with store signage and emails customers can then text to join the program and their number is automatically added to the database.

Your new customers will be enticed to return to your store for specials and your old customers will be rewarded for their loyalty. Redeeming rewards is as simple as showing the ad or code at checkout.

The program also allows you to communicate with your customers about new products, events, anything you want to converse with them about. Just as people were comfortable with and loyal to their dealers before legalization, this behavior is translated to legal shops and dispensaries. It’s nice to be able to so simply and quickly reward your customers for their loyalty. Cannabis dispensaries can learn a lot from looking to other successful mobile marketing programs.

What do coffee and cannabis have in common? Loyal customers.

If you are looking for some reassurance that you can make it work, know that the biggest kid on the block once stumbled in figuring it out and it worked out OK in the end. My Starbucks Rewards is the most successful loyalty program in the United States. But Starbucks had a non-starter before My Starbucks Rewards. In the beginning their Gold loyalty program had a $25 membership fee. In exchange members enjoyed a 10% in-store discount. Slumping sales motivated Starbucks to dump the Gold pay-to-join loyalty program in favor of the free-to-join My Starbucks Rewards. This program has since proven to be a raging success and is an inspiration to any business that wants to run a successful loyalty program.

You don’t have to go it alone.

SingleSeed can get your loyalty program up and running today. SingleSeed’s mobile marketing platform will help you get started or take your loyalty program to the next level.