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At SingleSeed Payments we care about the safety and privacy of your personal information. Please read this carefully so you can fully understand how we protect you and your customers. By submitting personal information through our Services, you expressly consent to the transfer of your personal data to our servers for our collection, use, and disclosure in accordance with this Policy. Our Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is incorporated with our Terms of Use. If you do not agree with our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, please immediately discontinue your use of this website (“Site”).

This Policy includes:

  1. Information gathering
  2. How your information is used
  3. Reviewing or Changing your information
  4. Protection of your information
  5. Disclaimer
  6. Complaints Procedure

1. Gathering of Information

SingleSeed Payments will never collect personal information without your consent. There are several ways you may provide your personal information to SingleSeed Payments associated with the use of this Site ( including, but not limited to:

  • completing a form
  • speaking with an employee or agent of SingleSeed Payments, Inc.
  • sending an email to an email address

When communicating with or signing up for any account with SingleSeed Payments you will be asked for information which will include but is not limited to your name, email, address, phone number, company name, and payment details.

2. How this information is used

This information will be used to assist us in contacting you, communicating with you, the creation of your accounts, and creation of  campaigns initiated through SingleSeed Payments, Inc. We may also use your information to fulfill your requests; send marketing and informational materials, investigate, and prevent potentially fraudulent, unauthorized, or illegal activities; protect our rights and the rights of other users.

SingleSeed Payments may use information you provided to contact you at anytime to address concerns, issues, disputes, and troubleshoot any problems. We must comply with any court issued orders, information demands from government agencies and regulators, and other legal and regulatory processes that require disclosure of personal information. We may share your information with private entities, government agencies, regulators and others at our discretion in order to abide by laws and regulations and resolve or address issues.

In the case SingleSeed Payments is acquired, we may transfer your information as well as your customers’ information to the acquiring party.

With the exception of dispute resolution or legal and regulatory compliance, you may opt-out of communication with SingleSeed Payments at anytime by writing to or texting STOP in response to any text message sent from SingleSeed Payments to your mobile phone.

3. Reviewing or Changing your information

If at anytime you would like to change the keyword of your campaign, contact information, payment information or upgrade your account you can simply log-in to your account and change this information. You may review or change your information by contacting SingleSeed Payments, Inc. by phone or email as listed below.

4. Protecting you and your customers information

SingleSeed Payments stores your information on our secure servers and in accordance with the law and our privacy policies. SingleSeed Payments cares about the protection of your information. Account information is protected by firewalls, passwords and encryption codes. If you are utilizing our credit card transaction gateway your customers credit card information is never stored anywhere. We are Tier One PCI compliant and our servers encrypt all information to a five digit short-code.

5. Disclaimer

Although we will do everything commercially reasonable to protect your information, because of the technical and legal environment it is impossible for us to guarantee your information will not be disclosed in ways not described in this document.

6. Complaints Procedures

If you believe that SingleSeed Payments, Inc. has not adhered to this Policy, please email In your email please clearly state the nature of the issue, and how you would like us to contact you.

SingleSeed Payments reserves the right to change this Policy at anytime.

The use of this Site is your consent to this Policy, your agreement to be bound by this Policy, and acceptance of any changes we may have made to this Policy, designated by the date above. It is your responsibility to review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and stay current.

You agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

If you have any further questions please email us at or call 855-711-2009.

Updated July 2014