If cannabis delivery is legal in your area, you want to make sure you offer the best cannabis delivery service. Keep this list of tips as a reminder that the effective management of each delivery is key to customer satisfaction.

Immediacy / responsiveness / timeliness

People who call for delivery expect the delivery person to show up and to be on time. If you promise delivery within an hour; be there within an hour. If you can’t turn around delivery service in the time frame promised, let your customers/patients know when the delivery person will arrive.

Personal touch

In Nevada, the rules require that the delivery person must call the the patient or designated primary caregiver to confirm the order and the identity of the patient before leaving to transport the order. Use this call to begin your customer service. When you arrive your customer / patient will be more at ease. If you can build your schedule to have a regular grouping of customers they will be happy to see a familiar face, someone they trust, who is professional, respectful, well-mannered and doesn’t expect tips.


In addition to being professional and personable delivery persons should be knowledgable about cannabis in general and particularly about the products they are delivering.


Attractive packaging with a distinctive design for each item you offer will help your customers / patients know they are getting what they ordered with just a glance. They will be able to recognize and ask for their favorite products. Presentation in vacuum sealed packaging assures your customers / patients their products are clean and fresh.


Customers want choice. Seems this should go without saying but if you have marijuana-infused oatmeal cookies, offer chocolate chip and peanut butter too. Carrying indica and sativa weed varieties, as well as hybrid strains give your customers / patients the ability to make the choice that best serves their needs.

Quality products

Your products must perform as promised, be what they purport to be, and be prepared and packaged in a sanitary environment.

Products in stock

If you offer a product, make sure you have it in stock. If you have a very popular product (which your tracking software will show) make sure you have it in stock. There is no faster way to lose a customer than to not have what they want or what they come to expect you will have.

Business cards

Even in the day of mobile phones that save and share contact information at the touch of the screen business cards help reinforce your brand and in an industry that has strict rules about advertising it puts an ad in the hand of each of your customers / patients / caregivers.

Follow the rules

The quickest and most sure way to put yourself out of business in the cannabis industry is to break the rules. Know the rules and ensure that you as shopkeeper and your employees follow the law and regulations. A clearly written policy and procedure manual will help your employees understand their responsibilities.

Fair prices

The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana means competition will increase. Offer your customers the quality products they want at fair prices with great service and they will have no reason to shop elsewhere.