Payment Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

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The anytime—anywhere payment solution

SSP_paybytext-examplePay by Text™ allows customers to pay for products using their mobile phone. This is a fast, easy, and hassle-free way for customers to pay for non-cannabis items at trade shows, in your shop, or on-the-go. With Pay by Text™ your customers can pay for their purchases anytime—anywhere.

Customers click a link in your text message and gain direct access to the product they want to purchase. The mobile, app-like checkout page is customized for your brand, product images, and descriptions. Your customer selects their products, pays for their purchase, and receives confirmation all on their mobile phone.

When credit card processing becomes available for cannabis purchases your customers will be able to use Pay by Text™ instantly.

  • Instant sales: Pay by Text™ makes every smartphone a point-of-sale device
  • Increase revenues: Customer can now purchase anytime, anywhere using their mobile device
  • Increase transaction value: By offering Pay by Text™ you can increase the amount each customer spends
  • Convenient point-of-sale: With Pay by Text,™ every text message can be a point-of-sale promotion
  • No-surprise pricing: 5% per transaction. No setup fees.
  • Seamless integration: Pay by Text™ operates on the same platform as Text Message Marketing for easy campaign delivery

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