Can your business withstand an assault from a competitor or a big-cannabis invasion?

Defending your small cannabusiness includes

  1. Being a legitimate business owner
  2. Building a strong healthy business

In order to withstand an attack from a competitor or potential poacher there are some realities you may have to accept, if you haven’t already.

  1. You are not a stoner. You are a business owner.
  2. You are not a dealer. You are a legitimate shop keep engaged in a legal business enterprise.
  3. You are no longer the only game in town. Sales, marketing, branding, efficient business practices, record keeping, taxes, etc. need to be part of your business strategies and activities.
  4. Customers want options.

The good news is, you have options. You have options business-wise, product-wise and options that improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty. Think of all of your options as your arsenal of weapons—your big-stick that warns off predators.

Accept Cards

Don’t miss out on sales because you are a cash-only business. Edibles, tinctures, and teas are new products to many of your customers. Introducing new products is great if your customer is prepared to pay for it. Not accepting cards means your sale is limited to the amount of cash in your customer’s wallet. This limitation negatively impacts up-sale and  impulse purchases.

Build a Website

Your website is your first impression. Impress and educate your customers with a top notch website. It is difficult to manage all the solutions and options on your own. You have a business to run let us handle the rest. If you don’t want to invest in outside development and also lack webdesign skills you are better off having a basic website that displays the name of your business, contact information, and hours of operation than a complex website you don’t update. If you have a button that displays “click here for today’s specials” and it hasn’t been updated since 2013; if your website has a blog and you don’t have time to post, it may appear that you are out of business.

Engage in Digital Marketing

Customers are now utilizing the internet more than ever. Customers are educating themselves about you and your products. If you are not providing them the knowledge they are seeking they will move onto the next business. Make sure your website is optimized and able to be seen across all channels. SinglePoint provides Digital Marketing to clients across the world. We will make sure your website, content, and social media efforts are seen and engaged to drive business to your store.

Develop an App

Mobile Applications can be very useful. With Google’s new algorithm that places heavy importance of website to be mobile friendly it is important you provide a mobile experience.

Outsourced Accounting

Accounting is a full time job itself. Outsourcing helps you focus on what you are good at while avoiding costly mistakes and penalties. We have relationships with accountants across the nation that know the ins and outs of cannabusiness accounting including bookkeeping, financial planning, reporting, and tax issues.

POS System

Shorten customer wait time and improve inventory control by installing a POS system. Similar to the software used by restaurants a POS System can be simple, recording sales only or comprehensive giving you the ability to monitor and control every operational function of your business from a web portal. Inventory, employee time and attendance, individual employee sales reporting, budget forecasting, tax reporting are all available with a POS system.

Delivery Tracking

Streamline your delivery operations and keep electronic records using a delivery app like Oomy, a real-time tracking application. Services like Oomy provide peace of mind to your customers as well because when they are notified the delivery is on its way, they can opt to track the driver, and request a photo of the driver so they can be sure they are opening the door to a friend. Delivery tracking helps improve efficiency and increases communication.


The day of the homemade sign has passed. A comprehensive branding strategy is an essential tool for any business to be competitive. You’ve thought about who and what your business is, who your customers and competition are, and why your customers choose you. You’ve chosen a name that represents your business, will hold up over time, and meets the basic requirements of being easy to say and spell. Creating the materials that visually and graphically represent your business is a job for a professional who has experience in cannabis branding.


Finally, remember you. In the realm of shopkeeping / dispensaries, cannabis industry marketing is fundamentally small business marketing. In an industry in which trust and relationships are still important, you are the conduit to the customer and you are the most important element of your business. So go out every day and be your best you (and carry a big-box stick).