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None of this matters….

Thinking about Branding… Cannabis is a commodity. You have to differentiate.  → differentiate your external presentation → differentiate your customer service → differentiate your product  differentiate: make something appear different or distinct These elements (your presentation, your customer service, your product) contribute to your brand. It is important to have a cohesive brand. If you..

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Cannabis Payments Logo

Thinking about a Logo

The fundamental message of this post is: HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. If you read no further, you’ve gotten the message. But you might be thinking, “Gosh, how do I go about that?” Well, you’ve already done some good preparation: You’ve thought about who and what your business is, who your customers and competition are, and why..

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Terms used in branding a business

Thinking about Branding

When was the last time you thought about Branding? No matter how small your business, it is important to think about branding. Whether or not you set out to brand your business, people will set an impression about your business based on your business name, your logo, and every touch-point they have with your business..

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