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2018 – New Year New Era: CA Emergency Regulations

Ready or not California, the world’s sixth largest economy, is going to the green side on January 1, 2018.  Despite this measure being passed in November of 2016, state officials are scrambling to make sure everything runs smoothly during the first 120 days during the initial transition.   The California Department of Public Health’s Manufactured..

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November Legal Round Up

November Legal Round Up   November welcomed another wave of change for the cannabis industry – both nationally and internationally.  Multiple ballot measures, plus a couple of gubernatorial candidates’ successes are canaries in the coal mine for cannabis prohibition repeal. From the first baby steps of public hearings to emergency initiatives for recreational measures slated..

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Cannabis Payments Logo

Thinking about a Logo

The fundamental message of this post is: HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. If you read no further, you’ve gotten the message. But you might be thinking, “Gosh, how do I go about that?” Well, you’ve already done some good preparation: You’ve thought about who and what your business is, who your customers and competition are, and why..

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Terms used in branding a business

Thinking about Branding

When was the last time you thought about Branding? No matter how small your business, it is important to think about branding. Whether or not you set out to brand your business, people will set an impression about your business based on your business name, your logo, and every touch-point they have with your business..

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Female Business Leader

Women in Cannabis: Changing the World of Weed

People behind the initiatives and changes in the industry. SingleSeed’s target market is dispensary owners. When we did our research and began meeting our customers we were pleased to learn about half were women. It is only in the past few months, reading articles which led to scouring board lists, and then searching for more..

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4 to Watch in the Cannabis Industry

Revolutionary, diabolical, ingenious. Whatever word you choose to describe the extraordinary inventiveness that is accompanying the growth of the cannabis industry these four companies manifest it. As new companies and products are developed every day, what we find particularly interesting about the following companies is that they have taken existing products and services and adapted..

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Cannabis Delivery Services in WA

Quick Tips for Great Cannabis Delivery

If cannabis delivery is legal in your area, you want to make sure you offer the best cannabis delivery service. Keep this list of tips as a reminder that the effective management of each delivery is key to customer satisfaction. Immediacy / responsiveness / timeliness People who call for delivery expect the delivery person to..

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