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SingleSeed Payments through its parent company SinglePoint, provides mobile phone marketing campaigns. SingleSeed Payments in association with its partner GreenStar Payment Solutions provides cashless payment terminals to legal cannabis dispensaries and delivery services. SingleSeed Payments does not grow, distribute or sell cannabis seeds or cannabis-derived products.

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TCPA Compliance

Legal Disclaimer

The materials available on this website are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact an attorney before launching a text message marketing campaign for your business, or with any questions or advice pertaining to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.


One of the biggest misconceptions regarding text message marketing is that as a business, you can send marketing text messages to a pre-existing database of your own customers. Makes sense, as they’re your customers right?

Due to a federal law called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), it’s very often the case that, as a business, you’re unable to send marketing text messages to a pre-existing database of your own customers. Why? Most businesses (99.99% in our experience) aren’t aware of the TCPA disclosures that need to be made to customers when collecting their phone numbers for marketing purposes.

Why does that matter? Without making the appropriate disclosures to customers when collecting their phone numbers, and then sending them a marketing text message, your business would be in direct violation of the TCPA. Doing so could cost your business up to $1,500 for each text message received by each customer. That means that if you sent one text message to a pre-existing database of 1,000 customers, it could end up costing you $1,500,000.

Since October 16, 2013, businesses have been required to obtain “Prior Written Express Consent” from their customers before being allowed to legally send them marketing text messages. “Written Consent” makes it sound like you have to give your customers a form to sign before you can send them text messages. While you can do this, luckily there’s another option, thanks to the E-SIGN Act. The E-SIGN Act states that because we live in a digital age, there is no need to actually put pen to paper to give “Written Consent.” These days, a website form submission or text message suffices.

In addition to making sure customers are aware that they’ll be receiving marketing text messages from your business through an automatic telephone dialing system, the TCPA also requires that customers are made aware that this consent is not a condition of making a purchase. This means that your customers can’t be forced to consent to receive marketing text messages from your business when they make a purchase at your business.

CTIA Compliance

CTIA compliance includes best practices for SMS, multimedia messaging service (MMS), and free-to-end-user (FTEU) short code programs. The objective of CTIA compliance is to provide the best customer experience for end users.

It’s important for your business to follow the guidelines set out by the CTIA. Why? The CTIA does regular audits of text messaging campaigns, based on the most recent guidelines found in the CTIA Short Code Compliance Handbook. If a text messaging campaign is found to be in violation of any of the guidelines in the CTIA Short Code Compliance Handbook, the text messaging campaign can be deactivated by the wireless carriers.

For questions about CTIA short code compliance, CTIA audits, or any of the new changes in the CTIA Short Code Compliance Handbook, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at SinglePoint.

Anti-Spam Policy

SinglePoint has a zero-tolerance policy for text message spam.

SinglePoint Definition of SMS Spam
We consider any unwanted SMS message as spam. No if, ands, or buts about it.

Report Abuse To SinglePoint
To report any abuse or violations of inappropriate use of our service, please contact us. We take abuse reports very seriously and will immediately terminate a group’s account if they are found to be in violation of our Anti-Spam Policy.

Report SMS Spam To SinglePoint
To report any abuse, violations or inappropriate use of SinglePoint, please contact SinglePoint immediately. SinglePoint takes abuse reports very seriously and will immediately terminate SMS campaigns that are found to be in violation of our Anti-Spam Policy.

Remove Yourself From A SinglePoint SMS Campaign
SinglePoint allows all SMS subscribers the ability to opt-out quickly, easily, and permanently from receiving future SMS messages from any SMS campaign. This is done by sending the word STOP to the short code you’re receiving messages from. Subscribers can also use the words REMOVE, OPT OUT or CANCEL. If you need additional help unsubscribing from an SMS campaign, please contact SinglePoint.

SinglePoint SMS Anti-Spam Policy Enforcement
SinglePoint has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to SMS spam. If we suspect that an SMS campaign is in violation of our Anti-Spam Policy, we will terminate that campaign immediately.

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