Vapes – In all sizes and shapes

What used to be a periphery tool, expensive and uninteresting, has since breached the mainstream. Savvy dispensaries stock a wide array of choices when it comes to vaporizers. The available spectrum for any dispensary hoping to survive the storm should include: disposable “take and toss” models for new users looking to see what all the buzz is about, but do not wish to sacrifice a huge chunk of change in case the experience displeases them.   Business owners should also make sure to stock a variety of flavors with varying effects and CBD only options. They should also offer advanced, high priced models to attract higher earning customers and appeal to serious consumer tastes that may be attracted to high potency extracts. These higher-end products provide maximum efficiency with as little burn off as possible: the price per gram of these extracts has been known to surpass $70.

Your Customer is Changing – and so should you

As the country continues to roll towards federal legalization, the profile of what the typical cannabis consumer is more on par with any other good user and the product will be subject to the same types of regulations. Women now make up almost 50% of the consumer base in certain markets, up 500% from previous years where women made up barely 10%. This same market’s average per capita salary is upwards of $77K with a median home price of $1 Million. Shops need to look at their market and make sure they are providing a finessed experience tailored to a more feminine, main-stream and affluent buyer rather than your archetypal stoner of times past.

Make the Money Mobile

Present day consumers predominate form of connecting to the internet is through their mobile devices. Media influence is strong, but cult followings via social media can bring windfalls to certain brands. Diverse media channels should be included into business owner’s day to day operations. This means accepting credit cards, being able to order via an app prior to arrival as well as tablets in lobbies to engage and educate. The wave of new cyber and cyrpto-currencies empower the trend allowing dispensaries to transact electronically, something previously unavailable as cannabis was an all cash market. Recent cannabis startups are raking it in by capitalizing this new consumer; brick and mortar would be wise to follow suit.